Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gibson water logged!!

Coco key! So much fun ad so much water!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Busy bee!


My kids in the goat barn!

Sweet kids and silly sounds.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back! and Felting in a Kitchen Aid

So after about two years, I finally cracked the whatever to get my password reset! so now I can truly get back on and write real blog posts again.

I wanted to let all my knitting nerds out there ( and this is totally a term of endearment and part of a group I am affiliated with!) - I got a front loader washer and was sooo exvited, Until I tried to felt this morning, and afternoon and evening..... After following all kinds of different blogs on how to felt with a front loader, and trying it four times, I decided I needed to try something out- to felt you need water,heat, and agitation.

So I took the piece I needed to felt, laid it in my metal kitchenaid bowl, and poured boiling water on it, added the dough hook (NOT the other ones, because it will burn out your motor), and turned it to medium speed. I would like to say that it gloriously just felted. but of course, I had put in too much water and boiling water splashed all around my kitchen! So I figured out, that if I poured some out, the bowl retained enough heat to do the felting. I ran it about 15 minutes and it worked!!

Granted, I don't know how this would work on a delicate project, and the fibers had started to felt a BIT but i could still see individual stitches, which is NOT good if you are felting... So I am excited that I "made it work".