Tuesday, July 31, 2007

so, time marches on

Ali found out, her move has been pushed up- to next week- she won't be here to meet my mom, no Sesame Place, no day in NYC, no NEw Hope and all the other things we wanted to cram into our summer. Needless to say I have been nauseated since I found out and have burst into tears at least three times. But while I feel like all I want to do is throw up, all I can do is eat. so I have to watch that.... just mourning my friend who will be leaving soon. This really sucks.

but, we did have to hurrrry and schedule our haircuts though- so thursday it is- will post before and afters on the blog..... (our hairdresser had to cancel her MOM's appointment to fit us in...)

Thursday, July 26, 2007


SO today was our long run day (6miles) and since we are banned to Treadmill land, you get preeeetttty bored (not to mention oxygen deprived) and we began to talk crazy talk- as girls do. I have been talking about getting a POB for about three weeks, talked to the hairdresser, printed out pictures the works! and I said, " I bet I will lose 2 pounds when I get this haircut!" Ali just kinda rolled her eyes- I said that I should weigh it just to see and she giggled and then the topic changed - probably to how i will never look like Posh regardless of hairstyle! And of course do four more miles- did I mention it is our long running day?

After all six, stretching and drinking, we rush in to see our nutritionist, Drape, and start chattering as always when it's the two of us alone with the guy. I look around, shut the door, and Ali catches my eye, rolls hers and says "you are not gonna believe what she is going to do." Now I gotta describe Drape here- he is the consumate professional, vEHHHry straight laced and the more I gush or get excited, the more he grimaces. I gave him an exuberant hug one day and he stood so stiff I thought he had rigor or something- anyway- I shut the door, lay down and put my pony tail on the scale and would you believe!!!!???? 1.4 pounds! So there you go! It will be instant weight loss! and I will have a new cute haircut to boot!

Poor Drape just stood there and shook his head in awed bafflement. Poor thing- He has to take us in small doses!!!

ALi was fussing with me later about how I would get "the weight loss credit" for just getting my haircut- it doesent matter anyway, my pony tail will weigh what Becks weighs all together anyway! (btw, the pic is from a website called skinnycelebrities.com- go figure)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ali's Home!!

She was gone four days and it seemed like forever- and now we find out they are leaving in THREE weeks. This really sucks and I am really sad. I am going to keep working out without her though. I am up to 49 pounds lost in a little less than a year now! But she one of my biggest inspirations a watchdogs... Sigh.

Monday, July 23, 2007

HP Parties and Pics

So here are the pictures I have been promising.
Here are the kids at the pool on HP day- they were so good at the bookstore, we took off to go swimming.

Then we went to the Princeton Diagon Alley party. Gibson got a "fortune" out of the sorting hat that said that said "You will eat a whole box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and not get a single earwax flavored one!"

At the bookstore- there was a costume contest- Dobby and Moaning Myrtle won although the Umbridge was AWESOME too!

I was Cho Chang at the Ball, and I made this t-shirt for Derick too!

We had a great time and both of us have now finished the book!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


So I am in a melancholy mood. FInished "The BOOK" and am sad that it is over, but pleased with the book overall- not going to do any spoilers although SOMEONE in my family doesn't knwo how to read books in paginal order!!! I will post pictures of Fri night soon. THis week I really need to put the house back together after ignoring it to read- oh yeah and be a wife and mother too...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Batty at Borders about HP!

I went to Borders this AM to get a wristband to get a space in line for my book- go there right at 9:05 (they opened at 9!) and this was the line. It moved very fast and the kids were sweet about it- we even saw this little bat hanging around. IS that an omen or what??!! We are so geeked out about this! When I sent the picture of the line to my BF in GA who is not into HP AT ALL (poor sorry soul), she said "look! A nerd herd!" yeah, but I'm not alone!!!! I am number 83 in line, and my band also has the number 51666 on it! whooo- Scary!
More later!!

My husband the cyborg!

Here is Derick at his sleep study- obviously he took the picture with his phone. They woke him up about 1 AM to put him on the PAP machine- so there is definetly some kind of Apenia. We have to wait a while to get the official results though. We now wonder just how much and how long this has affected him and we hope to see an improvement once diagnosed!

Right now it is just 7 am (EXTREMELY EARLY for the House of CDA) and we are already twittering on about Harry Potter and TONIGHT!! hopefully there will be some GREAT pictures, memories and more!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little angel

I just have to say that Delaney is here to bring more peace, joy and harmony into our life. She knows how to soothe all of us- even her wiggly brother and screechy harpie of a mom.

Daddy Derick is off at a sleep study- PLEASE OH PLEASE let them find that his snoring is more than just driving me crazy and that they can do something about it to get this guy more sleep! (AND me too now that I think about it!)

This picture is old, but appropriate. Taken Feb. 21, 2007 Delaney was 10 months old.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Delaney does not share food!!! (AKA- Make Safe the Popcorn)

Our little miss is tiny- like less than 20 pounds, 28 inches tiny. But her eating prowess is legendary. SHe has been known to eat more than her four year old brother and two of his friends PUT TOGETHER, but very few believe us until they see her in action.

last sunday, we had some friends over, one of whom was a 22 month old girl who is Delaney's best friend. We popped them some popcorn, but in a matter of SECONDS they had dessimated the living room by spilling it, rolling in it, stomping on it, yelling at it, and occassionally, actually eating it. Instead of carpet, we had a snow drift of popcorn from the fireplace to the kitchen. We all dealt with it for about 20 minutes because the girls seemed happy and were eating a little bit of it.

When we could not stand the destruction any longer (Derick was rocking back and forth in the fetal position sucking his thumb because of the chaos), my friend Ali broke out the vacuum cleaner. Now let me explain, both girls are terrified of the vacuum and usually huddle together on the couch to escape from it. Delaney was standing there watching as the vacuum started about three feet away from her. She stared at it with trepidation for a few moments, but when she realized the vacuum was making the popcorn disappear, she frantically started to grab handfuls of popcorn and stuff it into her mouth before the vacuum consigned it to oblivion. Ali began laughing so hard she actually stopped vacuuming for a minute, which Delaney capitalized on by chew and swallowing. When the vacuum started up again, it was more handfuls stuffed in for safe keeping. We only wish we coulda got it on video for everyone to see just how cute it was!

here is a recent picture of Delaney enjoying her favorite food- bananas!

One Tooth-less.

It happened, my baby lost his first tooth! He was riding to Church with Dad on Sunday morning when the big moment came. He is growing up WAYYYY too fast, but he is so cute. He is obsessed with Power Rangers to a nauseating degree, whines a lot, but is sweet, funny and has this cute whistle when he talks now! so funny! He scored five silver dollars from the TF- who researched a poll of how much money a first time loser gets- and this amount was solidly in the middle amount. My parents were saying that TF inflation is WAYYY to high!!!

This is a picture from my cell phone on the way home from church (BTW I have a new camera now and will have more pictures soon!!!)

Let's get it started!

So I have been reading Blogs for a while now, and I always thought they were a great way to keep in touch with people I love around the globe- and clicked around to see how hard it would be to have one- the answer? NOT AT ALL! so here goes- we'll see how it is- I just still suck at typing and I am usually too impatient to edit!

I will try to keep up with our life here especially for grandparents and my children's various "Aunts" all over the world and I will bore you with pictures too!

Love, Malissa