Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Seriously? No humility needed with these guys!!!
Isn't Michelle Wasden an AMAZING Artist??!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So big!

I had to show everyone the latest from Michelle Wasden, Photographer, and genius Art-eest. (in fact, if you click on the link, you can see the photos in color). Apparently the "new thing" is poster sized prints with simple frames (there is no sense of scale for these, but they are about 3 1/2 feet, by 2 feet!) So she did these for me as a thank you, and I have a feeling I was a bit of a guinea pig too because she wants to get them done for her kids! She actually had these in her living room for the last week to test them out- kinda confused her kids! Anyway, I found those cool stickers and thought I would put them together- although I was just excited to see how it looked so I kinda slapped them up there and put the pix on pre-existant nails. We are thinking up a little more and closer together! but for now I LOVE having these beautiful shots of my gorgeous kids that are LARGER than LIFE!!!!!

Mish also took a pic of Delaney in front of it so you can see just how big these shots are! The kids are both thrilled to see themselves so big too. Delaney kept saying "Pick-cha Me!! Pick-cha De-nay-nee! Pick-cha ME!"

The bottom sticker says "Family is a gift that lasts forever", BTW.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm an Animal behind the wheel

Jill got me a new antenae ball while at Disney and when I was changing it, I realized everything people had been saying about my driving throughout the years might be true.
Before driving with Malissa

After driving with Malissa

Man, something must be up if even Animal looks scared!

What a ZOO!

The day after we arrived home from Georgia was Gibson's Pre-K graduation trip to the Philadelphia Zoo! Daddy said he wanted to go under the wire so the three of us (Delaney was at a friend's house) hopped on a bus crammed with five year olds (and lots of Excederin in my purse!) and headed to the Zoo! When we go there, we found out it was really kind of laid back and that we could go around as a family and not have to stay in a group.

We couldn't help cracking up at this statue at the front of the Big Cat area- we named it "Pumba, during dinner" The big cat area was one of our favorites, but unfortunately some of the exhibits were closed for cleaning. We found out later that the day AFTER our trip was the tiger cub triplet's first birthday- so I guess they were preparing for that!

Our absolute favorite is always the Giant otters- they are so fun and fancy free, just swimming and flipping and having fun. My stupid camera can be so SLOW to take pictures so we missed some of the cute ones!

I love my pic of the Rhino, and the shot in the middle, we refered to as "Pumba before dinner" and this sweet little one is a pygmy marmoset- they are so cute!!! We were all exhausted when we got home and all had naps, but we sure had fun!
We got a surprise when we got home too- The Ocean Futures Society, run by Jean Michele Cousteau answered Gibson's fan letter and sent us alot of fun swag! I also forgot to mention that while we were away, I had Gibson's room painted and we are about to make it look underwater, and we will be applying the swag in our design!

Hot- Lanta!

So Jill, my BFF -since we were 12- Over 21 years!! built a new place near Atlanta, and her hubby decided to take out approximately 10 17 year boys scuba diving for the Memorial Day weekend (and her BIRTHDAY I might add!) and she begged me to come down and visit and see the new place and keep her company! It was really a tough decision (HA!!) and me and the kids arrived on a Wednesday afternoon and had a ball until the following Tuesday afternoon!

Her new home- um, I mean VILLA- is AMAZING and I believe the biggest hit was the custom made saltwater pool with tanning shelf, zero-point entry and waterfall. Here are some shots of the bathing beauties and of us throughout our week! there were several parties, planned and impromptu, a graduation (of a boy who I have know from before he was even THOUGHT of - boy do I feel old), a visit from my other, more recent BFF Ali, and a trip to the amazing Georgia Aquarium. Other things we did that didn't make it onto film were taking on and conquering several thrift stores, playing the most AWESOME game ever- ROCK BAND, and eating FANTASTIC southern food and cheap pizza! Jill and I also made it to the Atlanta Temple for some Initiatories and got pedicures on a rare day where we got a sitter for everyone (thanks Jill's new BFF Kaitlyn!!!)

To make their visit a little more memberable, Brooke and Delaney nipped out in the 15 seconds that all of the mommies were busy, and were standing in the pool!! They were put in the corner as punishment- and yes, they have at least TWO matching outfits in these photos- Ali bought SIX matching outfits for our girls and had them wear at least two of them
during their 8 hour visit!

Jill and Ethan at the airport as we said goodbye! we had so much fun and loved our visit at the Villa Frailey!!


So Delaney has that addiction to her little Tauna Blankies- She calls them Nee-nees (Nini) and we have also noticed that all yarn is nini too.(because that is the part she stuffs under her nose while sucking her thumb).

I was visiting my girlfriend in Atlanta and I was just EXHAUSTED and could not wake up. Well- Jill doesn't just let me lie around, she jumps on me and rolls back and forth yelling "I'm a human blanket! I'm a human blanket!" (which I believe is a Tommy Boy reference) and then yelled- "Come on Delaney!, Help me wake mommy up!- I'm a human blanket! Im a human blanket!" so Delaney flops on me and starts rolling and yelling " I'm a 'mum'mam Nini! I'm a 'mum'mam Nini!"

So after we are done CRACKING up laughing-we realized-hey that little girl is pretty smart! She changed the word blanket with her own word- Nini!