Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Laney and her accessories

She loves purses, shoes, purple, boys and so much more! This girl!!! Oh Boy are we in trouble!!

She also loves everything her brother does, including Wii Boxing-which she can pronounce as clear as a bell. Guess who won this game? He also beat his father twice tonight as well as several other friends!


I got a haircut! YAY! it is a asymetrical do and it makes me feel so much better! Of course, in the pictures you will see some LOVELY raw patches. I used a comsetic product and it gave me a rash- when I took it back they said - Oh lets us try this, or this to make you feel better! (YESSSS THAT burned it MORE so now I have dragon scales! Can anyone say EUSTACE? [sorry, reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to Gibson])
But a Great Haircut makes you feel brand new!!!

YES, please ignore the CSI Miami chick in the background- and PLEASE don't compare our skin!!!
Also, thanks Edwards family for making me feel so good and including me in your family fun last night!!! CRANIUM ROCKS!!!!!

CaKe/JaKe WaLk!

We have a cute story and a report (so to speak) of our weekend! On Saturday, Derick and I performed "I Love to see the Temple" for the Relief Society Stake Enrichment meeting. As part of this, I was asked to bake a cake, and Gibson helped me make it. I explained that the cake was for the meeting and we couldn't cut it now, but I promised to bring home leftovers- he so sweetly looked up at me and said, "Can't you just leave the leftovers here now??"

Needless to say, I made sure I brought some home! But the Cake story does not end here! As the Gentlemen were serving us cake from these big tray/Cart things, Derick jokingly said "I'll have the Salmon, please." he then asked for the coconut cake, took a bite and nearly spit it back out! He gasped, "ugh, the power of suggestion!! my cake tastes exactly like salmon!". of course we all laughed at him, but he was dead serious, so I tried some- and SURE ENOUGH- SALMON flavored cake!!! all of these cakes were baked in shallow, cookie sheet types of pans and we think that maybe someone baked salmon and then the oil stayed in the pan until the cake was baked on it!! BLECH! I loved my caramel cake! The kids weren't too thrilled with the kind we had baked, but were happy to be remembered!

On Sunday, I was privileged to participate in March for Babies in honor of Jake Meyerson. There are better pictures and more information on their family website, but little Jake was born with a terrible condition called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia or CDH. The way it was explained to me was that the diaphragm didn't develop all the way and so the organs were all kind of crammed in the upper part of his chest impacting the growth and location of his heart and lungs, and other organs. He was a cutie and a fighter, but succumbed to this condition after six months of life. He was adorable and had lots of personality, and touched several lives, including his primary care nurse, Taryn, who suggested we do this walk! It was a drizzly, cold day, but it was fun and sweet to reminisce about Jake and feel like we were helping contribute to help other babies than might need help.Jaker's ECMO

The Meyersons!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Knitting Nerdiness- AGAIN!

About two months ago, I took Carlie into Anthropologie because I knew she would totally dig it. Every time I am there, I get caught up in their luscious knits and often take pictures of certain stitches to see if I can find something like them on the Internet. Well, while we were there, I saw this sweater and after one glance I KNEW that I could copy it! So I took a picture of it- and got in trouble for it!!! They didn't make me erase it though, so when I got home, I downloaded it and started to analyze the stitches and just for kicks, googled it to see if there was a pattern floating out there somewhere already- Imagine my surprise when a full pattern with pictures showed up!! (scroll on the side for the downloadable pattern)

So in order to give Carlie a memorable memento of the N-J, I knitted one for her. I made TOO MANY mistakes, but it still turned out nicely I think. I got a funky/cool button from the Woolly Lamb and Viola- much cheaper than Anthropologie charged!! and I could make it in whatever color I wanted!

I also gave Carlie a few things to remember- like every time she put on her sweater was a hug from me and that the reason I learned to knit was to make things for the temple and to remember its importance. She actually cried when I gave it to her and of course that made me go too!! She is so tiny and cute that she made it LOOK GOOD!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Franklin express!

On a half school day, Jenn, Joshua and me and the kids decided to take in the Franklin Institute again, and the only pictures I took apparently were of the kids on the two foot train ride on the Steam Engine (the ride was two foot, the train was full size!). Delaney is blowing the whistle, and Gibson is doing something with the thrust over there.
We also took in the Planetarium show (AWESOME by every account) and the IMAX dinosaur movie (not so awesome on SO many accounts!). I think I am done with IMAX in general- it is just TOO big! I always want step back a little, and you can't. Also, the movie was touted as "Dinos ALIVE" or something and was 95% Palentology, and 3 percent "dinosaurs Alive" and the other 2 was me praying that the kids would not tear the seats out of the theatre! Anyway, we had fun and I still love the FRANKLIN! Yay, Ben!

In the Park

We had two Picnic/Park dates with some families we love! Yet again, Don became Delaney's hair dresser and Lunch partner (and kinda looks like he is striking a pose!!) and Enden became her personal lounge chair (he too was striking a pose and was sucking in his GUT!)! We have great friends and really enjoyed the fantastic Spring weather!

All dressed up with Rio and the Spike!

Gibson got his hair cut on Friday and they spiked it up and he LOVED it! SO for church, I made sure that I spiked it for him. The Dress that Delaney has on is SOO pretty- it foesn;t show up well in the pictures- but it was so sweet! A Brazillian woman at my gym had purchased it for her daugther in Rio de Janiero, but she grew too fast for it. This lady know how much I loved Rio, and so she gave it to us because she felt we would appreciate its value. It was beautiful and so kind of her to think of us. She got lots of compliments at church and Gibson was happy his hair didn't fall!

Laney in the Rain!

It hasn't rained for a while, but the last time it did, I decked the Lainey Bugster in her Ladybug finest! SO CUTE!

I can handle rainy days if we get to see this sweetness!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Checking in

so I am still not caught up, but I thought I would post some updates for you to peruse and chew on. Some may be a little off chronologically, but I tried to post older things first and more recent things first. Feel free to post questions and comments! thanks for reading!!

Generations of the Gospel.

As Easter week, the week of General Conference was kind of special. On Thursday before Conference, some very dear friends made it possible for me to attend the temple with them. Very early into our information session, something brought my Great Aunt Lucy clearly to my mind and I thought of her the entire time. I could almost feel her youth and enthusiasm of not being tied to an elderly body anymore and of her sheer joy of being reunited with Joe. I was moved to tears more than once remembering her and feeling her with me.

In the temple we receive instruction and make covenants for ourselves, and after we have completed them for ourselves, we do proxy work for those that have passed without the opportunity to hear these things. While some may have umbrage with this and feel it is disrespecting the departed's culture while living, I find it so moving to "help" others who have gone on before learn about Christ, and if they aren't interested, it is the same as it is here- Thanks, but no thanks. The "session" I happened to attend was FULL of people doing proxy work for the same entire family from Italy! Over 40 members of the same family- ranging from the 1700s to the 1930s had their "work" done at the same time. My friend and I memorized the name and phone number of the man who had done the genealogy research because we wanted to let him know just how amazing it was, and just how much had been completed, when we noticed the temple worker had the same last name! she said it was the genealogy of her husband's family and he was excited to see it get done. As we were leaving the temple, we said goodbye to the "desk man" and it turned out to be him! we got to hear a couple quick stories of some of the people we got to do the work for and hear some of his family history! It was truly an amazing day!

Saturday was a very exciting day for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints*. We sustained a new prophet during a Solemn Assembly during the first session of Conference. This has only happened 15 times during the history of the church and I wanted my children to be a part of it. The sustaining of a prophet is completely different than the way other ecclesiastical leaders may be chosen in other faiths. During Solemn Assembly, each organization, age group and quorum of the church is asked if they will sustain and support the new prophet and other leaders as presented. All of us were to raise our right arm to the square if we felt that we could support the new leadership. I was SO excited to share this opportunity with my children, and although it may seem irreverent- I couldn't help but to take pictures of my family participating in this rare event!

The talks given in General Conference were really amazing and many dealt with Motherhood, which is something I always feel I am failing in! I loved how the newest member of the first presidency Dieter Uchdorf sounded and spoke. Gibson said- "I like that man. He has a nice face." That is a pretty nice compliment coming from a 5 year old boy! Earlier THIS week Delaney saw a picture of the new prophet and said "Jeez-hus!" I said "no honey, but he is our new prophet and knows Him pretty well!!" she happily started saying "Proff-kekt" and pointing to his picture! All and all- an enriching week!

***(um, yeah, DO NOT even think we are connected at all with the crazies in El-dah-ray-da Texas!! that is the supposed FLDS).

Welcome back.

We got to host an evening with some dear friends of ours, the Mangrums, on Monday and were so happy to see them! When they left us for the great state of Texas, they only had a tiny newborn girl and now they have TWO beautiful Princesses.

We also had the Ross family over, who added a member since the Mangrums left. It was TOTALLY a traditional night with the three families- Lots of food , lots of time looking up silly videos on Youtube, dancing to Weird Al, and now of course, miserably playing the Wii.

Our friend Patrick got TKO'd TWICE by Gibson! We then played a bowling tournament- that I have no idea who wone, and then to top off our ineptitude on the video game circuit, humiliating round after round of DDR!!! We loved having allof us together even though it was so short!! thanks for fitting us in on your whirlwind East Coast trip!

Down on the Farm.

The Second week of swimming lessons, I was delighted to find that a friend of mine that I keep falling out of touch with had kids in the same time slot! We started talking of all the things we should do together, just like always, and I finally just looked at her and said- Ok, I'll be there tomorrow! So Delaney and I got to go out to Howell Living History Farm where she teaches in the hatchery and see animals and see how a farm in the 1890s worked. It was delightful seeing my friend and we spent the rest of the week hanging out!

Dad- here is the mystery chick we were wondering about!

I took Gibson back to the farm on his day off and we enjoyed our time together!!

In the Swim!

For those who don't know him, Gibson wants to be a diver when he grows up- he knows at least five breeds of sharks, at least that many of Whales, and several other fish, mollusks and the like. Well, we have tried to encourage this as much as possible- but the biggest thing we haven't really quite helped with was SWIMMING. Up to this point, he has had mostly traumatic experiences with pools which included nearly drowning while on a trip with my dad, and multiple dunkings while at a hotel with friends. So when I was looking for a schedule for a local pool, I was shocked to find out they still had openings in their toddler parent and kindergarten swimming lessons!!

We signed up both kids and hoped that Gibson's terror of the water wouldn't rear its ugly head!!

We'll we were soo lucky on that aspect. Gibson jumped in and took off! His kick is still a little sloppy, but I was AMAZED at what he could do and what he was willing to try! His teacher was a swim team Junior Thom, with an eyebrow ring, (Gibson asked him immediately about that!) and Gib responded to him beautifully. When given the opportunity to take a second week of lessons, the teacher requested him as a student again because he liked him.

Of course, whenever Thom asked Gibson to jump in the pool, he always did a cannon ball and that makes you pretty unforgettable!

However, we didn't have as much luck with little miss. We all showed up in swimsuits and goggles on the first day, and the director was a little confused by us being there. it turns out that her class had been cancelled, but we hadn't been notified. Of course by this point we are all dressed in swim gear, she's watching her brother paddling around, and she's screaming "wah-wah! mommy! Come! GO! Wah-Wah!!' I exasperatedly looked at Kurt, the director- yet another guy in charge who is at least 12 years younger than I am- and say-"if i stay out of the way, can we swim on the side of the pool?" He agreed and Laney was happy! HOWEVER! Trying to get all three of us showered and back home and then make dinner and corral these kids to bed is QUITE a hurtle. I ended up most days pawning Laney off on various people. Also, getting a WICKED sinus infection/Allergy attack during these two weeks of Swimming really encouraged me to NOT get into the pool!

OH and BTW- one of the people I could pawn Delaney off on was her daddy who happened to be home because he got 4 warts lazered off of the bottom of his feet that week and he is STILL hobbling three weeks after the fact!

WHee- Wii!

I had such a great time with Kerri that I just blurted out that I wanted them to come to dinner without consulting my family!

They came over on Saturday the 28th and while I finished cooking up my Rachael Ray Steak on Blue cheese biscuits dinner (ok- YUM!!!!), Kerri's husband hooked up my WII and started to show Gibson how to work it! Gib created a Mii ( a virtual "you"who can play your games) that has evil eyebrows, a beard and fashionable mole with, of course, a blue shirt!
I had asked Kerri to bring over her extra Dance pad, and we got to compete together in DDR-Dance Dance Revalution- and I was TERRIBLE, but BOY-what fun!! And of course the blog could NOT be complete without an oh-so-flattering picture of my BUTT! and Kerri's (sorry, babe!!)

We had a fantastic time and Delaney has adopted Don as playmate and personal hairdresser!!!
THanks so much to the E-Family for sooo much fun! AGAIN!

The Franklin

On March 26th, a gang of us went to the Franklin Institute, thanks to my awesome (can i believe it? NEW??) friend Kerri. We loved it- I hadn't been there since I was a young kid (maybe 7?) and I still feel like a kid when I think about it! throughout the whole place I kept thinking- geesh I would love to kidnap Derick and bring him here for a whole day- especially the planetarium and Star Wars Exhibit!

But- the kids thought most of it was pretty great! We did the traditional Ben Franklin Experiments, and the BIG HEART! Kerri and I actually dared to face heights and wobbly conditions to do the SKY BIKE!! Jenn thought we were NUTS, but took pictures for us.

Gibson and Joshua had to show off their Spider man skills on the rock wall at the Sports exhibit

The kids tried to pose for us during the "Identity Exhibit", but my camera wasn't fast enough for FOUR squirmy kids!

Lilly (Kerri's Daughter) was so adorable with me and Delaney- she ran right up to me and began feeling my Beaded shirt. She was always willing to hold Delaney's hand to to help her out. We had SUCH a great day. Thanks to all my friends and their help to get there!

Teeth and the Lion

There are somethings I forgot to mention with Easter. First of all- on Easter Day at dinner, Gibson lost his top tooth.

The next week, ironically, was his first (gulp) Orthodontist appointment and the Ortho did confirm that the bottom teeth would need to go so that his bottom teeth have room to grow in. This Ortho's office is like a PARTY and Gibson was super happy to be there and when the Ortho challenged him to "kick the habit" of sucking his thumb, he agreed to try the three step recovery program! He got a chart that he can put a sticker on for every day that he doesn't suck his thumb and he was also challenged to wear a sock or glove over his hand so he is not tempted during naps or night time! It was really cool to see the panoramic, 360 degree X-Ray of Gibson's mouth. I wasn't aware that when you are born almost all of your teeth, baby and permanent are already in your gums, so you can see even his 12 year molars! (and his stuffy sinuses!!)

Another thing I forgot to mention was that the week before Easter, Gibson found my Chronicles of Narnia: Lion Witch and the Wardrobe DVD (Disney's Awesome rendition!). I was really surprised at how much he loved it and understood it. He watched it every day, and during his sleepover with Joshua, he said "look Joshua, Aslan died, and then he was resurrected, Just like Jesus was!" My jaw dropped to the floor that not only he "got" that concept, but that he was excited to share it! He grasps concepts that I don't think he is even listening to, and when I hear him share it or set an example, I am so proud! I can't believe how much he is growing, and how fast he is becoming a young man! We have now finished Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and are reading Prince Caspian now! I know he can't understand it (because it is older British English, and some stories are WAY too descriptive) but he eagerly listens every night and wants me to keep reading (gotta be a shameless ploy to stay awake!!) and of course is DROOLING to see the new movie, that comes out on May 16th!!!

Lion Witch and the Wardrobe

Prince Caspian