Tuesday, September 30, 2008

@ crayola store!

Worlds biggest crayon!

Chalk it up!

Chalk drawing @ crayola factory

@ crayola factory

Sunday, September 28, 2008

5K, K?

For the last three years, our ward has participated in the Parkinson's Alliance 5K. This race is particularly special to me, because it was my first one ever and is what brought me to the point where I am now. (that is: training for a Half-Iron man Triathlon on November 1st, for those who haven't been in audible, visual, readable or subliminal range of me in the last 18 weeks....)

Anyway, this year was even more spectacular than normal because my cute boy ran the fun run (he completely freaked out on us last year and refused to run, so we had to leave him with a random family) and Delaney happily went with our friend Mary Jane in a stroller- AND they added two moon bounces and free RITA'S along with all their other great grub. OH, and a magician, and two clowns. We had over 80 people of our congregation participate in either the 5K or 1 Mile fun run, which is amazing seeing that our average attendance in church is around 155! Me and Derick didn't run as well as we wanted, but still was proud to do it.

The Very Hungry...

We found this beautiful guy on our parsley and looked him up on the Internet and found out he is Swallowtail butterfly caterpillar. We put him back on the parsley, and he was there the next morning and I was SOOOO excited that we might get to see him go into a chrysalis and everything! Unfortunately, he is now missing! But we really enjoyed meeting him!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a week!

I kinda looked around my messy house and had to laugh at how my dining room table reflects our life: we have the pirate hats and patches, and sprite from Gib's party, Water, sleeping bags and tents our from the camping trip, and the NuSkin products that Jordan gave me as samples from her business trip! My dining room table is truly my problem area, and I really have to work at not just using it as a dumping ground!

Welcome Back!

Our Friend Jordan came back for a brief visit while she was out here for work trip. we had a great relaxed Brunch at the Carters and had such a fun time catching up. Afterwards, I got to kidnap Jordan and drive around some of Princeton and help pick out souvenirs. We miss her and glad we got to catch up!


Last week, on Talk Like a Pirate day, we had our first ever Ward Camp out. It was sooo much fun- it was cold enough that the bugs were WAY down, and we got to roast hot dogs and Marshmallows by the campfire, and even sat around and sang camp songs! I was soo proud of myself because I hadn't been camping since GIRL'S CAMP and being and east coast Mormon, I have never camped just for fun (or honeymoons or family reunions or...).

The night was very crisp and clear, but with a full moon, we didn't get to see many stars. Right around 1 am, Delaney got cold and uncomfortable and started whining. It was so clear and calm that her crying just seemed to echo throughout the camp site. We got her settled down and then Derick started whining and crying and echoing (well, ok, not really, but...) but pretty much made it clear he wanted to go home. He sealed the deal when he said he would take Delaney with him!

Gibson was happily in his very own tent through all of this- a tent shaped like a shark I might add! He definitely got lots of attention with it!

All the sweet kiddos on the nature walk- Gib is on the end on the right with the really dirt knees!

The next morning we had yummy breakfast of pancakes cooked by the men and then to a nature walk with our very talented Mary Jane, who is our resident naturalist and then Derick came and picked us up and we broke camp and headed home (tried to defrost and shower and unpack!!). It was so fun and I am sure they will make it annual tradition!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Delaneys feelings abt running with m0mmy!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The macarena just w0nt g0 away! Its the 0nly s0ng that g0t them 2 dance!

Turkey tail fungus! C00l nature walk!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Come and get it!!!

You can never get enough dreidel salt and pepper shakers!

I bet you guys cannot believe the surprise when on the Second day of school my son came home with a fundraising packet. A catalog that has it all- even Dreidel salt and pepper shakers. So if you can find it in your hearts to buy stuff from my kid to support his school, I would greatly appreciate it. This catalog has everything: tchatchkes, chocolates, cheeses, gift wrap, magazines, picture frames- I mean WE GOT IT ALL!!

So since not everyone can pour lovingly over the amazing catalog, we have actually made it easier for you! A Website!

When you check out, it makes it really easy by asking what state is your fundraiser in (NJ), what city (Ewing) and then what organization (William Antheil PTO)? The promo letter says that “ your quality items will arrive in plenty of time for holiday gift giving” so there you go, how can you lose??

(as you can tell, I am writing this firmly tongue in cheek!)

Thank you! And if you just want to call me and I can put an item through the old fashioned way, just let me know! Gibson could win a WII for any order placed!!!

Oh, and if you want those salt and pepper shakers, they’re item number 8273!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thanks for making us a mommy and daddy six years ago!
You are such a sweet boy and we love you so much!!!

He's Six!

Gibson's day was pretty good! He got up bright and early and remembered to wear red, white and blue for Constitution day (his school sent a reminder) and got to watch an Avatar (OK, broke down and bought a couple of the box sets!). Then we drove to the donut shop for Munchkins for birthday snack time and ran him to school with some Capri-suns too. Delaney and I ran around like idiots trying to exercise (whod'a thunk, huh?), buy last minute party favors and stuff (RRREEEAAAALLLLY scored at Dollar Tree) and to clean and set up the house!

We picked up Gibson after school and zoomed home to keep setting up! And then people came, and came, and came until the house almost exploded with 6 year old craziness! We all dressed up in the hats, patches and bandannas, read How I Became a Pirate, then had a photo treasure hunt. After the booty was secured, I read them Pirates don't Change Diapers while my friends split up the bounty for the kids. Then pizza and food, presents and cupcakes(complete with skull and crossbones rings!!)! All of this was mingled with many costume changes, candy, yelling, screaming, shouting, and normal kids stuff! I have always wanted to have a pirate party for his birthday because it is soooo close to International Speak Like a Pirate Day (seriously, heard about it 5 years ago on NPR and have celebrated it with two of my girlfriends ever since!!!). So now it is not even 9:30 and I feel myself falling asleep at my keyboard! Love to you all who could and couldn't be here to celebrate with us!!!!

BTW, the bruise on my inner elbow is actually not my fault for once, i gave blood and it kinda went wrong- it looks disgusting... but matches all the ones on my legs from my bike!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That boy.

The other day his kindergarten teacher calls and THAT can make a mother's heart stop! She proceeded to tell me how wonderful Gibson was doing, and told me that the first weeks can be tough because there isn't much academics, but he has been an example to his classmates. I totally teared up, and was just so proud of my little man!

His teeth are coming in, and it is adorable. Here is a pic when they first broke through.

Tonight we hired a sitter and took Gibson out on a mommy/daddy date with just him and took him to pick out a new bike for his birthday! He was SOOO happy just test riding it in the parking lot. Luckily it is big enough that it should last him a while! Then we went to McDonald's where he happily scarfed down a Happy Meal!
I can't believe he will be SIX tomorrow! Where did the time go??!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Finish

You kinda have finagle it and search by my last name on the Noxamixon (Philadelphia race).
As stunning as ever, and in the rain.
Good times, good times.
(Actually, not that good times, but getting better!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When we went 2 PEAC, Delaney g0t all excited because Speedracer was there!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yet anothr way! And with bread. She can never eat soup fast enough. or neatly either!

Delaney f0und a quicker way to eat soup on a yucky, rainy day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Grandparent's day!

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My trainer and friends! He g0t 2nd in his age group for the Half-Ironman. I g0t 2nd place Athena in the Olympic "mini" distance (which actually means it's a bigger Olympic than a regular, but sounds mini-er!) Official results will be posted here soon! I did so much better than in July- it is amazing what two months of practice can do! I was about 18 minutes "slower" in this race, but the distances were much longer and the course was CRAZY challenging! oh- and id I mention the rain from the hurricane formerly known as Hanna came right as I got off my bike?? It was actually really fun to run in the rain- the temperature was warm enough that you weren't cold, but very comfortable. I definitely had my prayers answered on this one! If the rain had gotten heavy while I was on my bike, the difficult course would have been TREACHEROUS! I was really thankful!

NEXT and final one of the season is the Half- Ironman!!! EEEKKK!

Friday, September 5, 2008

3rd day's a charm!

Right line! With Mrs. Smith! He got on the bus on time, got in the right line with the right class- and when I congratulated myself, a mom said "yeah, but they forget it all over the weekend and you have to start all over again!" THANKS FOR THE CONFIDENCE! AACK!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We're gonna have to lock her up!!

Princess diva! She got a free candy bar by flirting with a guy at a restaurant yesterday!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School in session!

Short classic Gibson story- as a last hurrah yesterday, Gib, Joshua, Aiden, Donavan, their moms and of course Delaney got lunch and hit a park for the afternoon. On a pouting jag, Gibson went to a far bush, where he found what I thought was dog bone toy. He wanted to pick it up , and I was kinda like- that's gross, but I guess you can, and kinda walked back to my friends. He comes up and is like- look this bends! I look down and he has the "toy bone" in one hand and A DEER LEG IN THE OTHER- COMPLETE WITH HOOF AND SOME RESIDUAL FUR FUZZ. I start yelling for hand sanitizer and all the other moms gag!!!! Only my boy would find a severed LEG to play with!!!!

So school has begun!! Gibson is the BIG Kindergartner! His first official day was today, Wednesday, but there was an orientation where he got to meet with his class and learn some about the school yesterday.

Last night, I discovered that the bus pass was WRONG and all the literature we have on bus policies is that they are STRICT about where you meet the bus, and who gets on where and stuff. For those of you who know the area, we are on a dead end due to a creek with no bridge, but the road continues on the other side. The transportation office doesn't acknowledge this and had his stop on the OTHER side of the creek at an intersection that as the crow flies is close, but in truth is about a 3/4 mile drive or walk. So I start crying (of course), I am upset that my baby might not get to go to school on the bus and that I am going to have to fight the policy and all kinds of stuff. In utter defiance, I just take a pen, strike through the wrong site, and write in our street names! Derick, oh- follower-of-rules FREEEAAAKKKKED out when I did this, and swore our child would never get on the bus EVER!

This morning, I explain the sitch to Gib and of course he starts crying that he wants to ride the bus! I am on the phone with the next door neighbor ,who is a more seasoned mom to find out what to do. I also read book about angler fish, sharks and other sea animals to calm us all down. To appease Derick and to try to get Gibson on the bus, I take him to the assigned stop and less than a minute later the bus flies down the road. I grab the camera, the video, am trying to film and capture this momentous occasion appropriately and shuffle the little guy on to the bus, all the while explaining to the driver, who seems to be just learning English, about the mix up. Gibson is all acting like a teenager and rolling his eyes and dragging his feet (as you can see in the pictures....)

And in mere seconds he's gone!
I get in the car, and Delaney is bawling because "brob-bah" is gone and she wants to go to school and on the bus, and watching the bus zoom away, I started to tear up. Derick pulls up and is surprised he is gone already. we drive home, and I have to pull right out and go to the school to make sure he got there ok.

As I turn onto the road where the school is, the now empty bus passes me. I get to the school and it is a mad house. I make my way to kindergarten "yard", to his teacher's line and -he's not there. I THEN LOOOOOOSE it! His teacher is thinking "we gotta gusher!!" and says, "we'll find him". I explained that the bus has been there because I saw one of his friends that was on the bus in another line and I saw the empty bus. A girlfriend of mine takes Delaney out of my arms, so I can focus on Gibson, and I hear behind mehim- "We found him!" I wipe off my tears and turn to him and he jumps up to hug me and is so excited I was there. I talked with him and his friends a little and then his line went into the school!

The transportation office told me to just cross out the printed stop and write in my own. Derick had to leave the office when I called him so they wouldn't hear his guffaws!
Gib got home a half an hour late, but the bus left him at the right place! He enjoyed school enough I think, and he proudly presented me an adorable picture of "The Kissing Hand" that we had read on Monday to prepare him for school that he had made me! HE also made a fantastic picture of an Angler fish, and a shark! Here's to tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


this is Gibson's room! his teacher Mrs. Smith is the one holding the book in the far left. He tried to act bored and disinterested, but I think he's really excited!