Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Toofs

Gibson had the oral surgery we described previously. It was hysterical trying to talk to him when he got the oral meds to knock him out. His eyes were rolling around, his head was lolling and he couldn't speak beyond a drunken mutter, but he was DETERMINED to stay awake- even while I was stroking his nose, like i did when he was a baby! Finally he was out of it enough that they finished him off with Laughing gas. The surgery took less time than reading a chapter of scripture and one row of knitting and he got to ride out in a wheel chair. The roots of the teeth were SOOOO deep and the surgeon said that he would probably be seeing us several times more because he seems to have a small mouth and normal sized teeth! GREAT! Also the tooth that was loose on the top kinda popped out during surgery, so he has lost 10 teeth!!!
The only problem was once he got home, his stubbornness continued and he kept running into walls and falling even though he was SUPPOSED to be laying down and going to SLEEP! He started to complain about his tummy aching, and we remedied it temporarily by giving him a heating pad and him laying down in a ball . He eventually lost all the Jello and ice cream he had eaten twice (that was fun!) and he also got dizzy and fell while going to the bathroom ( even more fun) and now seems to be fine except wanting the Cheez-its his sister is eating! No Crunchy food for about 5 days they said.... we will do what we can!
they said he can probably go to school tomorrow, but his teacher said even if he can't stay in all day, to come by so that he can show off his scars and his Xray, because they are studying the Letter X this week!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A smile for a RAINY day!

Del and Gib both requested this song in the car today because it is rainy and miserable. Delaney stared singing it and I almost drove off the road laughing because she was soo funny! So I decided to make a video when we got home! Then, Gibson felt he was above dancing and singing, so his contribution is at the end!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day!

TO all the mother's in my life, my real ones, my ones by marriage, my friends, my friend's moms etc, Happy Mother's Day! and while I have been really trying to search for peace in being a mom lately, when I look at these Beautiful faces, it is easy to see why I keep on keepin' on.

Also- about 8 years ago, I made Mother's day a little more interesting and found my biological mother. I took my mom up there to meet her and we took this picture together. I have been talking about this picture for the last week, and never fail to show it off when I can. It is amazing how much we look like sisters to me! Heavenly Father put me with the right family- we all look a like, biological or not!

#1 at 2nd Hand.

OK, so i have pretty good luck second hand shopping, but now guys, it is more than just a talent, it is a calling and a coup. This is what second hand legends are made of:

I was casually perusing Goodwill last night, was checking out after finding a few decent things, when I see a torn sleeve a a Wii Guitar Hero box. I said - hey is that really what that says it is?? They bring it over, I go through it, call about five people, decide it is brand new with no pieces missing and leave the store with a full Guitar Hero set for UNDER FORTY DOLLARS! that is less than 40% of wholesale! I march right down to Gamestop where they tell me that not only is it in perfect condition and probably not been played before, but that it is resellable, if I wanted to trade it in!

So I Rock at second hand stores- and not so much on Guitar hero, but I tried!!! (um- notice the white girl overbite while strummin!) the guitar is a GIBSON too!

And here is Delaney enjoying Derick's mad riffs!!!

HI- lights!

I got my hair highlighted and it seems a little too rockstar/Ronald McDonald at this point, but at times it seems very cool and not too over the top. My favorite comment today was from one of my Sunday school sweeties- Did you get some of that Brat's doll Highlighting hair pens???

Laney-Bug Picnic!

I can't believe my baby girl is TWO! We had a very small get together with Deirck's mother and his brother and sister in law were supposed to come up with the kids, but then my SIL had emergency GALL BLADDER SURGERY!! I told them they need a REAL excuse to get out of coming to my house next time! SHEESH!

We invited one of Delaney's favorite "boy toys" and his fun family over so that there would be kids around, and had a low-key day of lots of toys, BBQ chicken, corn and of course CAKE! Delaney got a Kitchen and bike, but what she loved most were the aceesories to them of course! she got TONS of purple and lots of girly things to go with them! She was so happy all day, and we all had so much fun!

Happy birthday little Princess!

Never too many accessories!!!!

Without words!

I HAD to put this adorable pic of my niece and nephew up! You can look at it and see so much! I laughed so hard I cried!

Monkey madness!

Ever since my children were born, I have made en effort to take a picture of them in the same chair with the same stuffed animal, every month of their first year and every six months thereafter. To my surprise, I actually have been quite faithful to it! here is Little Miss's Two year! I can't believe it!. The Monkey is a family history, and Gibson, as well as Addy and Rudy all have one too!

Into the DRINK!

So Gib is a bike-riding fool and is amazing at riding on a two-wheeler. HOWEVER, raw common sense can sometimes escape a five year old. While we wathced from around 40 feet away, he rides careening down a hill , can't stop, and then we hear a Horrible scream and a splash. Luckily a guy we had been talking to was closer to him, and got him out of the water before anything major happend. I was SHOCKED when I ran to get him and saw that there was a DRASTIC drop right down into a creek. Luckily there was a very large limb that he landed on kinda, and that he had his helmet on! so these are the sopping wet footprints, where he landed in the creek (and some of the drop), and him riding damply away on the bike, that he jumped right back on again (surprisingly enough!). Thank heaven for little boys and all of their resilance! (and again, bike helmets!)


I got the chance to some-what help with a baby shower for one of the sunniest women I know! Virginia is having her fourth child, and all though it is not common to have a shower for the fourth, this a BOY and she has THREE girls! We are very happy for her and since she is always such positive and upbeat person, we wanted to treat her like a queen. The only thing I truly did was show up with luck on my side with fake wine, wine flutes, and a crown that lights up! Here is Virginia with one of my BFs and the Phot-tog with the mostest, Michelle! It was a fun girl's night and we can't wait to meet the little man!

Like my big bro, part 2!

When Gibson is at school, Delaney insists that she NEEDS to sit in "Bru-buh's" car seat even though it is way too big for her (I don't go very far, she is MOSTLY safe). So, this is what happens when you are asleep in a car seat that is too big for you and you are too stubborn to admit it!