Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleepover into Easter!

Gibson had his very first real sleepover on Good Friday ( he has had other
sleepovers when people were visiting, but those were families, not just ONE
SINGLE FRIEND) and of course it HAD to be Joshua because they have been friends
since Gib was 5 months old!! ( i found pictures the other day!! SOO CUTE!!!) Gib
wanted Joshua to come to the Ester Egg hunt at Chruch and with his mom's working
schedule and babysitting and stuff liek that, it jsut worked out best for us to
take him for Friday night. I let the boys build a movie theatre with all the
throw cushions in the formal living room, and have popcorn and they also had
legos out, and this is what happend:

In order to chill them out, we threw them in the bathtub:

Then after jammies were on, they got to clean up- they both fought over who got to vacuum more:The next day was the HUNT and they made collecting bags, played a relay game, and hunted for eggs:
This is the little boy (Ellis) Laney was smooching on the other day!After the egg hunt, Jenn came and got Joshua and our sleepover was over! We all went home and took naps to recover, becasue those boys were still not asleep at 11:30 and then up by 7!!!Easter Sunday was very emotional. One of my sweet girls in my Primary class (I'm a Sunday school teacher) had lost her fish that morning and was devastated. Then we read a very emotional story about a boy who lost his grandfather and learned about the miracle of the Atonement. We then sang some beautiful songs about the life of the Savior (Isaiah Says , If the Savior Stood Beside Me and I know that My Redeemer Lives) and then during our lesson we talked about our baptismal covenants and Alma babptizing in the waters of Mormon. I loved this chart as a handout (it is all the way at the bottom of the lesson), and made them on cardstock for all my girls. Then Sacrement was talks and a choir program. I sang the first song with the choir and Delaney FLIPPED out and I had to go down with her. Derick sang though and the choir sounded great. Music can really stir the soul.

After Church is when I found out about Lucy. I had to regroup a little and call Jill, who stayed with Lucy and i on a trip to San Antonio when we were still Sass-a-Fras Teenagers with bad hair. Our family then went to a WONDERFUL Easter dinner with the Nelsons and Mesch families. We had so much fun- they had a little egg hunt, yummy ham and potatoes and then cakeandicecream for dessert! It was a wonderful, wild and tiring weekend!!

Delaney comes to terms with Vacuuming!

As you may remember, one of our first posts was about how much Laney HATED the vacuum (it stole her food). Last week, I guess she adopted the "can't beat'em, join'em" club and got out her own "vacuum" and decided to help daddy. The video of it didn't turn out that great, but I thought the picture was cute!

i got coordinating dresses for Delaney and my niece, but Laney found hers the other day and insisted on wearing it. Of course hers has a Laney bug on it and Addi's is yellow with a butterfly! I can't wait to get a picture of them together in it!! We could really go overboard and get matching outfits for Gib and Rudy too!! Grandma would FLIP out over them I bet!!

Goodbye- of a different sort.

Two good friends are moving, Jen Marino and Billie Winter. This is a picture of a going away luncheon we had in their honor. I served with both of them in the Young Women's program an dI love them very much. I know Jenn a bit better- she was in the Temple Choir with me- an opportunity that was so moving and amazing that a strong friendship was forged. She was also the Primary Pianist, when I was CHoirster, so we have been through alot of CHurchy stuff together. One thing that I haven't been as well being there for is when her son got diagnosed with Leukemia. They moved before and we kinda lost touch, and then when they were spending months at a time at the hospital for treatment, it was even more difficult. I have read their Blog about their son constantly and I am so thankful that she updates it so often. Quentin is in remission and now they are off for their next adventure in Houston Texas!! Best of Luck to all of you!!

Peek-abo Princess!

Delaney was sweetly hiding in a little fort she built for herself between the curtian and the sliding glass doors. Of course nee-nee was with her (and her thumb). She was proudly sitting on the curtain to secure the wall of her domain, and sitting on top of the heating vent while she watched the squirrels ouside. She was so cute, I couldn't resist taking a billion pictures of it. Here are the two that came out the best.

Some good byes.

This month has been quite eye-opening to the many phases of life. As I posted before, our dear friend Ed Novak died the Saturday before Easter week. The Funeral was on Thursday, I hear that it is Good Thursday, and it was such an interesting and movng experience to be a funeral so close to Easter. To think about death and rebirth and the gift of the Atonement was really humbling. We got to finally meet our darling new niece who, at the funeral, was only one month old. Seeing a newborn reminds one of the miracle and majesty of life. SHe is truly a little angel and we are glad to have her in our family. She was a great comfort to Ed's wife Arlene after the burial too.

The funeral itself was beautiful. They attended Catholic Services regualrly and their home church is the airy, open, beautiful building with lots of stained glass and stone. one thing I particularly loved was that hanging behind the front altar, was a gorgeous bronze statute of the risen Christ, not the Crucifix of the dying CHrist that I am used to at Catholic Churches. It really helped me to focus on Ed being alive and vibrant and with his family again. His family loved him so much. he was a charming, funny, content man and although we didn't have that much time together (11 years), he will be sorely missed when he is supposed to be there!!!

Another goodbye was one that should have been so jarring but was. My sweet "aunt" Lucy died the day before Easter. she would have turned 96 in April, so death is expected when you get to that age, but her loss saddend me so much. She was this beautiful tine woman who had a heart of gold. She is such a hero to me! she was a "rosie" during WWII and the picture of this sweet tiny woman in a jumpsuit lugging sheets of metal around just blows me away! She always had her makeup on in the morning before she came out to cook breakfast- she was always a lady. She was devoted to the ones she loved and she had seen so much in her life! She went to nursing school with my grandmother and was related to us as a double first cousin- sisters of one family married brothers of another. She was buried next to her sweet Joe, a man who I still miss to this day, in a military cemetary in San Antonio Texas. My mother sent me a picture of the casket and even it was dainty, feminine and beautiful just like she was.

Our lives are better from knowing these wonderful people and their loss is a loss to the world at large. I am so thankful for the ressurrection and the knowledge that we will be with those we love again and that I can continue to learn and grow from both Lucy and Ed's examples that they set in this lifetime. I love you both.

Manta ray!

I love that GIbson has started to play with his creative toys a little more- this morning he woke me up and told me he had built a Manta Ray. He was very proud so i had to take a picture! Of course he KNEW what to make in order to make me smile! I miss my mantas from Hawaii!!

Rachel Ray!! ANOTHER DAY!

The final segment we taped will air on Mnday- the segments are the dancing with the stars woman and the kitchen makeover. Who'da thunk it would take this long to air it??!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Just in case!

I know that you all deserve pictures of all of the amazing things that have been going on: Gibson's first Sleepover, Easter Egg Hunts, The Franklin Insititute and much more, but I PROMISE I will update all of that by Sunday! But I wanted to make you all aware of a new feature I am trying out- an email subsription that lets you know if I update so you don't have to keep checking in (although you are perfectly welcome to do that as well!) Just trying to make this easier on YOU! (the icon should have popped up on the right hand side of the screen here!)

Love you all!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

THis week

in the life of Dmoefamily. Yup- another busy one. with some sickness and injury to boot- so that is why we are so slow in updating!

Derick had something removed from the bottom of his foot by a lazer on Tuesday and has been hobbling around ( or actually laying on the couch mostly) in pain all week. It has definetely made more of the slack (we're good at slack) fall onto me....

I personally think one of the most exciting and rewarding thing I got to do this week was to read to Gibson's class ( I SURE know how to PARTY, RIGHT??). Last week was the letter "P" and it was his show and tell week too. We decided that for the letter P, we could read his class our favorite P books- Pirates don't Change Diapers, and its prequel, How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and Illustrated by David Shannon (he is one of our FAV illustrators and authors). I volunteered to read it because I personally think i have a great pirate accent, and while we are on the subject, my family fully particiaptes in National Talk Like a Pirate Day every September 19th which is close to Gib's birthday (thanks to NPR and my girlfriends HETTER and LAM for celebrating this fantastic holiday!!) . ANYWAY! back to what I was really saying.... the kids were great and laughed at all the right places and answered all my questions (sometimes with MORE information than I wanted!!) and even Laney-bug chilled out to listen! One of the teachers took some pictures- I thought it was adorable and I felt fantastic about it and want to do it every week!

I have had a friend, Carlie, helping me out a little this week. One thing we did was buy furniture for Delaney! she is officially a big girl and now has a dresser and bed to prove it. Carlie and another friend Jane came over Friday and helped me arrange, clean and design Laney's room before the furniture came. Here are the kids trying them out!

There is still a WHOLE bunch of organizing, painting and such to do, but I was happy with how the furniture looked!

On Wednesday, I devleoped this weired CHest cold thing, and it is still hanging around. I have this sexy hack and spit action, and I have zero energy and compassion too, apparently! (but of course,as you read on, you will notice i didn't slow down much)

On Thursday was book club and I finally got to do the book I wanted so many to read- Me Myself and Bob:A True Story About God, Dreams, and Talking Vegetables by Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales. It is a fantastic book, part technical, silly, religious, sad and hopeful all at once. I LOVE VeggieTales and this book just made me love them and their creator even more. our hostess really went the extra mile and created these beauties:
She also had blueberries and Peaches for dessert which are two fo teh few fruits mentioned in VeggieTales.

on Friday- along with our new fruniture for Laney- WE FINALLY GOT A WII!!! now to just figure the thing out. After all was said and done, I paid alot more than I meant to, because you have to buy this and that controller and this game and the warranty, blah blah. I felt so guilty about the money that I came home a little defeated even though I was victorious, but Derick mearly Shooed my guilt by saying he buys that in models a month (YEAH- that makes me feel BETTER!!!!) but i am exctied to have it and will let you knowof the many battles that willensue I am sure- evn though the first game we bought was Endless ocean that is more a scuba diving trip than game... ( the guy at the store said he is a certified diver and this game got him through the winter!!) I can't wait to see Gibson when we have it hooked up!!!

Oh and for all of you that think getting a Wii isn't a big deal this long after the CHristmas Craze, think agian. I had been stalking this and two other stores for over three weeks, had a cell phone alert system, and had talked to many a "slightly-post-pubescent-scruffy-bearded-and-earring-ed-video-geek" before I ran into this store with my five year old (running because the UPS man was outside and I thought I might have missed the delievery) only to be the SECOND person in line and one of 6 to get the Wii, when there were 8 people in line, and four phone calls that came in the 15 minutes I was there!!! BTW, this "find" was an answer to prayer becasue I found out that Walmart has them in stock, but was stock piling them in the back to only sell on Sunday after they come out in the sales flyers. SEVERALstores told me that this is common practice, becasue if you don't have what is advertised in the flyer you get in trouble. I had two sales people tell me that if you don't shop on Sunday, you won't get one. I pretty much said (in a very respectful prayer) that I had promised not to shop on SUnday, so Please help me find a Wii before then!! Needless to say, everyone ws making fun of me for this (Iparticulary liked the comment of- Yah, missie, getting you a wii is right up there on GOd's priority list- you know, world peace, ending world hunger, getting Malissa a wii....) and many thought I was stupid for not jsut going on Sudnay mornign anyway, but I got one and didn't have to break the Sabbath! (in that way anyway- in other ways, my attitude on Sundays STINKS!!!!!)

Friday night I went out to celebrate my friend Jenn's bday and loved eating at Panang and cruising BOrder's books!

SO there is my week. I am still hacking and trying to be nicer to my family. This coming week doesn't have too much planned, but that never means anything!!!

Farewell to a friend.

A close family Friend passed away last night- Ed Novak, next door neighboor to Derick for most of his life, died from lung cancer. We spent many Thanksgivings with their family, and attended the weddings of two of their three children. The youngest is scheduled to get married next month. We are so saddend by this- he was in his early to mid 60's and other wise in perfect health. He hadn't smoked in about 35 years and only smoked a while in college. He was diagnosed in Late October. Please pray for his family had this sad time.

Also, earlier on Friday, we found out that Derick's 94 year old Grandmother was rushed to the hospital. the details are sporadic (translated through a husband...) but aparently it has something to do with her heart. please keep her in your prayers as well.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


More foolishness again about Project Runway!! Christian did see the skit and loved it -here is the email he sent people magazine about it!

Runway Winner Reacts With ‘F’ Word to SNL Skit

Christian Siriano caught Amy Poehler’s impression of him on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and the Project Runway winner has just one word — an ‘F’ word — for the skit. And, no, it wasn’t “fierce.”

“I thought it was SO FUNNY,” the 22-year-old designer wrote in an e-mail to PEOPLE. “Amy [Poehler] looked exactly like me which is kinda scary, but fabulous.” Known for his catty commentary and catchphrase, “That’s fierce,” the pint-sized designer wasn’t the only Project Runway personality to be parodied in the three-minute sketch about a hypothetical Runway spinoff, which features Siriano giving someone an apartment makeover. While Poehler played Siriano, the skit also featured guest host Amy Adams playing Runway host Heidi Klum and SNL castmember Bill Hader imitating Tim Gunn. (See the clip here.)
“The fact that they are even talking about me is so fierce, fabulous and flawless and is such an honor,” Siriano told PEOPLE. “[Poehler] was hilarious and little. It was so crazy that she looked just like me!” And Poehler didn’t just nail Siriano’s sassy tone — she perfectly approximated his flat-ironed hair. “The hair was absolutely perfect,” Siriano wrote.
"I don’t think I could have done it better myself. It was fierce!”

Monday, March 10, 2008

Volcanoes and Dogpiles!

So today was full of friends and fun and family. I had some insomnia issues and was kinda drowsy some of the morning. My girlfreinds didn't get to take me out officially for my birthday so we finallly did that- I chose this funky little pizza place called Magma Pizza- they are the home of the VOLCANIC ROCK OVEN. I had mentioned it to GIbson one day and when I said we were going out with Britton and Lucas's mom, he said he wanted to go there. I htought it was a good idea and the PIZZA was AWESOME!!! when the boys asked about the oven, they turned on these flame thrower things that made us all ooh and ahhh! her are the boys doing superhero poses in front of it!!! Delaney just loved the food and the men coming in on their lunch breaks!!! this little one is trouble!!

when we got home from playing at Britton's (so fun!!), daddy was here and lovingly got dogpiled and snuggled for a while. We then had a funky, creative Thai dinner by Me. Delaney started acting sick, so for FHE we kinda had Father's blessings for the kids and talked about the Priesthood for a sec, and got everyone to bed! Kinda sweet and quiet after that!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Busy week!

Sorry I am so slow at updating this week- we actually had some fun things going on, and some recaps from earlier entries!
On Monday, the weatehr was nice enough that the kids got to play outside and ride bikes a bit. I am disappointed we didn't get much snow, but it is nice to see spring is almost here!!

On Tuesday my LOVELY gal pals, Jenn, ALiah and Faith came over for our 3rd edition of LUNCH BUNCH! we took advantage of the mild weather and fed the ducks in my back yard! One of the reasons I love this home so much! We had my favorite RR recipe and I THINK it went over well! I heard later that ALiah really messed up her back! I am so sorry honey! feel better! do you need me to bring food and Bionicles to lose at your house?
Another BIG even was making the RR recipe that we saw live at her show taping- no we weren't on, but the guy behind us was. The show with the most segments that we taped will be on on MONDAY! so TiVo it! I am wearing pink, Bronwyn, lavendar, and Sterling, Blue. ANyway, while the recipe is good ( i tweaked it a Little) it looks like a- gotta use this phrase- hot mess for a while. I mean this is REALLY green- like somewhat billious green. I was also trying to cram so much spinach into my food processor that I took out my favorite PC spatula!! Here s the link to the official recipe. I also love it with FETA cheese and more garlic (of course). Please make sure you REALLY like spinach before you make it!

the BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT event of the week was Gibson's Kindergarten ROund up. THis is where all eliglible kids get all the pre-lim work done for K-g. I had to literally produce my first born child, three bills, a birth certificate, DEED TO MY HOUSE and driver's license to these people to ensure that I live in the charming suburb of Ewing. (do YOU guys know where the DEED to your HOUSE is ?????) MY GOSH!! then they proceed to do other things, like show your kid a million pictures and hope they answer the ridiculous questions they ask right. Then they take up all the medical forms- I had 3 non weekend days to get a doctor and a dentist to fill out comprehensive forms of my child's health history! seriously. THen another testing session where they made him write, draw, identify colors, count and hop on one leg. then hop on the other one. Then walk in a straight line. then do it backwards. (field sobriety test anyone??) he got a 97.5% out of 100 becasue he failed to put ears and a neck on his stick figure (yeah, go ahead, roll your eyes. I'll wait.)
but for the most part he was good about it. He was bored during the waiting times, but was happy to see so many of his buddies from pre-school there! I actually got asked where I got my hair cut, so that was big compliment to me! We celebrated being "roundup" by eating pizza and Garlic knots (yum!!!!) at the local pizza shop. The school actually gave us this cute book about the first day of school and one of those cute care packages that has the Hershey kiss and rubber band and stuff in it that represent different aspects of going to school..... Very Exciting stuff- can you see that excitement in the little guy's face??

That night I got to teach Knitting to the Young Women at church (yes I am a knitting nerd and I can't help myself) [BTW-Here is the scarf I talked about last week- my friend LOVED it!]

and then went to a Project Runway finale party at my son's Preschool- yeah- you saw that right- they have a video projector and had it life size. It was me, a couple of teachers and friends and they kept making these drinks that looked like Jolly Ranchers (I am so glad I don't have to mess with that stuff!) It was great to yell at a full size image of the people you wanted to yell at! and see the yummy designs up close!
Thursday I got a pedicure and started cleaning out the basement (my life is so glamourous!) and there was a great Enrichment meeting, thanks MISH! Once I got my attitude under control, I enjoyed being around everyone and doing the service projects.
Friday was the usual whirlwind with the kiddos and domestic goddess-hood: shoping at sams etc while there were torential rains coming
Saturday, more basement and more rain and finally a power outage that scared Gibson to death. Fun times with our oil lamp, candles, flashlights and fireplace (marshmallows, yum!!). Here is some footage of the flooding out back (compare to Tuesday's picture for a frame of reference!!)

WHich brings us to today, the longest and hardest, working day of the week. Delaney had some great moments this week- she learned how to say "I'm sorry" and "tummy hurts" and dressed up in a princess dress, an Eeyore costume, and a diver wetsuit all in one day! She also pooed in the potty for the fun of it. Today she kissed a boy full on the mouth for about 7 seconds, while me and this boy's father just gawked, shocked! Gibson is being a big brother and an all-around-almost-kidergarten kid! they seem to be getting more brilliant and grown up by the minute!

FIERCE!!! SNL Project Runway!!

Funniest SNL short in a long time!! Only true Project Runway fans will appreciate this!! I am sure Christian LOVES this, and it has just added to his insaitable fascination with himself!!! I know I Howled!!!! Tim Gunn was dead on too!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Diva on the move!

So, after sleeping for a couple nights with Gibson, Gibson was sick of Delaney. When she was henceforth rejected and put into her own bed, she went nuts with baby angst. We found her curled behind her door with all of her blankets cocooned around her (so yes, she can get out of her crib by herself!!!) Well, today at nap, I guess she was similarily vexed, and this is how we found her rubbing her eyes sleepily and the condition of her room after said nap-

This is the dynamo out fit the little miss put on while throwing her little room trashing fit- that is three bibs, a onesie, a pair of overalls and a sweatshirt-around her waist, of course. WE found out later that their wasn't a diaper on under there either! Of course she left a puddle somewhere in the house that has yet to be discovered!! Can you say Headstrong?? MY little girl?? WHere did it come from???


We went to this amazing place called Giggleberry Fair in Peddler's Village, PA on Friday with Wendy, Lucas, Jayne, Ellis and Little baby Nancy Jayne. We had so much fun! there is this HUGE play structure that anyone can climb on and has tons of sponge balls that can be loaded into cannons and guns and shot out and vacuumed up. The big down side was the dust that was SO thick that it looked like dryer lint!! it can seem a little pricey, but we used all of the things we paid for- the Carousel, and a cute little place that reminded me of the Please Touch Museum called Discovery Land.

Here is a pic of my own little giggleberry on the Carousel!! Anyone else wanna go?? I would love to go again!

NYC Advertising!

So when I went to RR, I decided I would be a little touristy, because really, I haven't been a commuter in years! I had so much fun riding the NEW double decker New Jersey Transit car- i even sat on the bottom or the car and planned on riding on the top on the way back, but we didn't have a fancy double decker on the way back!!

Anway, I did get this lovely piece of Art- The Shuttle (a subway) to Grand Central was COMPLETELY covered in this wood grain contact paper, and then the poles looked like Giant Swiffers. I decided, Why not get some pics? I'm a tourist today!!