Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Here is our Christmas Post- Card ! ( Michelle Wasden Photography RULES!!) I tried to get them out on time and handed too many out and RAN OUT!! please don't take it personally! Also, if you don't think I have your home address- just shoot me an email! I am currently updating my address book (and I am QUITE particular about it!)
The back had the following text (feel free to ask for clarification):
Family-Church in AM! Disney with Fraileys, visit with Lucy & TX, HP, hosting yard sales, helping Ali move, new big HDTV on wall, 2 weeks in Hawaii for 10th Anniversary while kids played with grandparents! All Healthy!
Derick-3 bosses, 2 promotions, WW II modeler, Astronomy & Telescopes
Malissa- thrift store shopping, knitting, sprint triathlon, NYC- Chicago & Hairspray,
1/2 marathon, “dropping” 50 lbs, blogging, reading
Gibson (5)-learning alphabet and how to read, Power Rangers, Transformers,
taking care of sister
Delaney (1½)- flirting, eating, singing, dancing and talking
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Obviously, I was behind!

So I am writing a month's worth of emails to night beacuase I am so far behind- but this was too good of an experience to pass up! I fit in a dress that I bought for me and Derick's first Valentine's day (that's nearly 10 years ago folks!!) together this past Sunday!! Also Delaney got a GORGEOUS new outfit (thanks Ali!) and she wore it to church on the same day, so we TRIED to get some pictures- then of course Gibson got the camera and took a few shots himself! Gibson had on a festive Green sweater that looked so good on him too- but it is hard to tell behind the little diva!

Coming to town

I was behind a truck at an intersection the other day, and I look up to see a bright red, superbly restored antique chevy truck (think - Old Navy truck) with the license plate Santa 57 on it with a decal saying "oh what fun it is to ride" on the back. I look closer and sure enough, the driver has flowing white hair and a red suit and hat on!! I turned off the blinker and ended up following him to an office complex, wher we waited until he got out, before we rolled down the windows and shouted "Merry Christmas Santa" he turns around and laughs and I appologized for stalking him, and he said it happens all the time- then he asked how many kids were in the car, and he brought over really nice candy canes. When Gibson got his, he said "wow this is a really big nice candy cane!!". Santa just giggled and said it was because it came from the real santa and not from a helper. He told us he had to go get his teeth cleaned and he had to go, so he went back to his truck, took out some jingle bells and a huge black sack, and went into the office building while we sat in the car and gawped at him, and took pictures with my cell phone!

It is so ironic that someone as non-Santa as I am was totally caught up in how sweet this was!

Give my regards

Ali surprised me (kinda) last week and I surprised her and added her to the plan I had to take my friend Taji to see a Broadway musical! We went and saw the TREE, and then we saw HARISPRAY!! it was FANTASTIC!!!!

We had a fantastic friend come babysit all day-remember Brooke, Ali's 2 year old was here too- so two little girls and GIbson after school. Derick came home early at 4 - so we arrived home at 8pm to find Derick curled up in the fetal position on the couch asleep, and the girl's room looking like this.... Luckily Gibson was still really into his "chores for quarters" gig (see earlier posts on chores and the GIMMIES) and we paid him off to take the edge off of the disaster! Good times, good times.

Hangin' with the guys!

We invited a family of three girls, one mom and a hubby over to watch the BEST movie you 've never heard of (STARDUST), when we found out that the dad would be away. Derick kinda moped that it was just going to be a girl's night, and that he was going to be the only guy and that Gibson would even turn with all the pretty girls here! When I told my friend, she said "oh no! we'll make sure that Derick is taken care of and that he feels like we're hanging out." So this is how they arrived tonight-

Then they took off their tape (OUCHES were heard all around) and they put it on Laney-

She even did a manly growl too!

and BTW, I think they all loved the movie!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Golden compass again!

This was an interesting article about Golden compass again. It has opinions from several releigious groups about the author and the book- quite a well-rounded perspective. I have to admit- the movie previews are breathtaking!!!

Wow! 50th!

I just noticed this is my 50th blog- what a milestone, sob! (Just kidding folks, really!)

Anyway, the kids were so cute for church this morning I tried to get their pictures! They were so good about posing and smiling, but the blasted digital camera is SOOOO slow that by the time the picture was taken, the smiles had faded and the pose had moved on! I have to get on friendlier terms with that thing! I finally got to do Delaney's hair again using TWO manipulative measures- first, putting her in her high chair distracted by FOOD! and second, telling her I want her to have pretty hair like Rita, our friend who we've been playing with lately, who has adorable little hair-dos. Even with these measures, she was very wiggly and her hair is so out of practice that the growth patterns and cowlicks and parts have all changed! All said and done though, she looked pretty dang cute and that brother of hers sure is a handsome cuss too, don't 'cha think???

He did another paid chore for me yesterday- sweeping the floor under the HIGH CHAIR- a HIGH VOLUME AREA of debris!!! After several attempts of trying to pass it off as done, a few tears and raised voices, he got it all up except for the food that (and I quote Gibson here) "is stuck hard to the floor and I can't get it off". Sigh. So true, so true.

We also had a disastorurous date last night- Derick took the other woman (His Blackberry) and was on it all night due to some disaster in the computerized testing world (and I mean world too- I think one call/email was from China) and I had a throbbing headache and wasn't much fun either. The movie was cute (Enchanted) and the food was AMAZING (Elements of Asia) and our babysitters were the best!! (The Bagley FAMILY!!!- Thanks!)